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Tier 1 has a team that is poised and ready to go supporting our 3D efforts including keeping up to date with the latest technology, group training on software updates, and coordinating with our clients on the development of each client’s model “libraries.” This includes coordinating with manufacturers to ensure we are using to most current part models.


3D Modeling allows you to see all aspects of the engineering design with tremendous accuracy.  This can begin with the conceptual design to ensure your proposed design fits in the space available. This allows evaluation of existing layout for adding or replacing equipment. This is especially important as large pieces of equipment are replaced. Often in the same location, but not meeting the same dimensional size of what is being replaced.


A 3D Model allows for design modification and gives you the ability to select 2D construction drawings directly from the 3D model.

Benefits of 3D Design

  • Comprehensive three-dimensional designs

  • Provides dynamic view of the project

  • Automated clearance checks

  • Laser scanned files can be incorporated with new design.

  • LiDAR data cloud points can be converted into isometric views with 3D CAD elements providing accurate dimensions.

3D Design Software

  • Bentley: Microstation 3D

  • Autodesk: AutoCad 3D

  • Autodesk: Inventor

  • Spatial Business Systems: Substation Design Suite (SDS)

  • Elecdes Design Suite

Our proficiency in Bentley Substation 3D, Elecdes Design Suite, AutoCad 3D, and Autodesk Inventor, gives our team the ability to effectively design objectives regardless of the chosen platform.

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